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Playboy Germany 1976

Playboy Germany

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Issue: January 1976

Playboy January 1976 Cover

Playmate: Beate Grötzinger (photography by Jürgen Dommnich, Pompeo Posar (CF Photo))

Cover: Unknown (photography by Jochen Harder)

Interview: Rudolf Stefen
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Melancholie' (by Gunter Sachs); Playboy's Playmate-Parade 1975: Lynnda Kimball, Dagmar Puttkammer, Angela Behr, Marie-Louise Gassen, Victoria Cunningham, Azizi Johari, Barbara Corser, Raphaela Nöcker, Mesina Miller, Lillian Müller, Karen Sugimoto, Nancie Li Brandi

Issue: February 1976

Playboy February 1976 Cover featured by Amy Arnold

Playmate: Susanne Zannantonio (photography by Tassilo Trost)

Cover: Amy Arnold (photography by Phillip Dixon, designed by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Peter Krohn
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Chrissy (by David Hamilton); Sabine von Maydell; 'Düfte, die mich locken'

Issue: March 1976

Playboy March 1976 Cover featured by Victoria Cunningham

Playmate: Sylvia Fröhlich (photography by Peter Weissbrich)

Cover: Victoria Cunningham (photography by Paul Gremmler, designed by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Philippe de Rothschild
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Monika Maluche (by Erich Klemm); 'Erde, Wasser, Feuer, Luft' (by Pete Turner)

Issue: April 1976

Playboy April 1976 Cover

Playmate: Irmi Paus (photography by Richard Selby)

Cover: Unknown (photography by Guido Mangold)

Interview: Udo Lindenberg
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ursula Andress (by Angelo Frontoni); 'Ein Akt der Liebe' (by Robert Monroe); 'Womit Mädchen Spielen' (by Christa Peters)

Issue: May 1976

Playboy May 1976 Cover featured by Nancy Cameron

Playmate: Karin Fastner (photography by Tassilo Trost)

Cover: Nancy Cameron (photography by Bill Arsenault, designed by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Ephraim Kishon
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Andrea L'Arronge (by Herbert W. Hesselmann); 'Und All die Seidenen Kissen' (by Charlotte March)

Issue: June 1976

Playboy June 1976 Cover featured by Lillian Müller (Yuliis Ruval)

Playmate: Jasmin Kompatscher (photography by Jochen Harder)

Cover: Lillian Müller (Yuliis Ruval) (photography by Ohta, designed by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Robert A. Lutz
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Mädels!' (by Richard Fegley)

Issue: July 1976

Playboy July 1976 Cover

Playmate: Monica Thimme (photography by Brian Hennessey)

Cover: Unknown (photography by Sylvain Corrodi)

Interview: Wolfgang Wagner
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jayne Marie Mansfield (by Dwight Hooker); 'Wasser Macht die Külhen Heiss' (by Guido Mangold); 'Da Röhrt der Hirsch'

Issue: August 1976

Playboy August 1976 Cover

Playmate: Milda Jansen (photography by Jochen Harder)

Cover: Unknown (photography by Guido Mangold)

Interview: Mel Brooks
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Karin Feddersen; 'Erotic Movie Shooting' (by Jeremy King); 'Amerika von seinen besten Seiten (Best Places of America)'

Issue: September 1976

Playboy September 1976 Cover

Playmate: Rositta Malterer (photography by Richard Selby)

Cover: Unknown (photography by Phillip Dixon)

Interview: Manfred Köhnlechner
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Newtons Körper' (by Helmut Newton); 'Erotic Art' (by Lothar Bendel); 'Talismann' (by Guido Mangold)

Issue: October 1976

Playboy October 1976 Cover

Playmate: Uschi Urban (photography by Herbert W. Hesselmann)

Cover: Unknown (photography by Tassilo Trost / FPA)

Interview: Paul Breitner
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Ein Mädchen a la Carte (A Girl a la Carte)' (by Mike Berkofsky); 'Pussy, Muschi, Mieze, Katze' (by Barry Ryan); 'Bunnys: Mehr als Hasen'

Issue: November 1976

Playboy November 1976 Cover

Playmate: Doris Anders (photography by Peter Weissbrich)

Cover: Unknown

Interview: Jimmy Carter (by Robert Scheer, G. Barry Golson)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Sex in Cinema 1976'

Issue: December 1976

Playboy December 1976 Cover featured by Ann Pennington, Deborah Borkman

Playmate: Hilde Gürst (photography by Peter Brüchmann)

Cover: Ann Pennington, Deborah Borkman (photography by Phillip Dixon, designed by Tom Staebler)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Sex Stars 1976'; 'Girls of ACA' (by Otto R. Weisser); 'Doch wie's da drinnen aussieht...' (by Francis Ray Hoff)

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