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Playboy Czech Republic 2001

Playboy Czech Republic

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Issue: January 2001

Playboy January 2001 Cover featured by Carmen Electra

Playmate: Jana Pivonkova

Playmate: Lenka Pivonkova

Cover: Carmen Electra

Interview: John Malkovich
20Q: Alberto Tomba

Issue: February 2001

Playboy February 2001 Cover featured by Carré Otis

Playmate: Kerissa Fare (photography by Richard Fegley, Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Carré Otis (photography by Antoine Verglas)

Interview: Bernie Ecclestone
20Q: Macy Gray

Issue: March 2001

Playboy March 2001 Cover featured by Anna Nicole (Vickie) Smith

Playmate: Brooke Berry (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Cover: Anna Nicole (Vickie) Smith (photography by Phillip Dixon)

Interview: Gwyneth Paltrow
20Q: Pavel Zedníček

Issue: April 2001

Playboy April 2001 Cover featured by Shari Belafonte

Playmate: Lauren Michelle Hill (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Shari Belafonte (photography by Greg Gorman)

Interview: Richard Gere

Issue: May 2001

Playboy May 2001 Cover

Playmate: Cara Michelle (photography by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Unknown

Issue: June 2001

Playboy June 2001 Cover featured by Kylie Bax

Playmate: Irina Voronina (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Kylie Bax (photography by Marco Glaviano)

Interview: Vladimír Mečiar
20Q: Zdeněk Svěrák

Issue: July 2001

Playboy July 2001 Cover featured by Irina Voronina

Playmate: Miriam Gonzalez (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Irina Voronina (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: James Hetfield, Jason Newsted, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich (Metallica) (by Rob Tannenbaum)
20Q: Barry White (by Julie Bain)

Issue: August 2001

Playboy August 2001 Cover featured by Brande Roderick

Playmate: Heather Spytek (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Brande Roderick (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Pavel Telička

Issue: September 2001

Playboy September 2001 Cover featured by Pamela Anderson

Playmate: Kimberley Stanfield (photography by Stephen Wayda, Richard Fegley)

Cover: Pamela Anderson (photography by David LaChapelle)

Interview: Michal Viewegh

Issue: October 2001

Playboy October 2001 Cover featured by Jovanah Vludo

Playmate: Jennifer Walcott (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Jovanah Vludo

Interview: Charlie Sheen (by David Rensin)

Issue: November 2001

Playboy November 2001 Cover featured by Lucie Štefanová

Playmate: Dalene Kurtis (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Lucie Štefanová

Interview: Lukáš Pollert
20Q: Jon Bon Jovi (by Warren Kalbacker)

Issue: December 2001

Playboy December 2001 Cover featured by Simona Krainová

Playmate: Stephanie Heinrich (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Simona Krainová

Interview: Miroslav Donutil

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