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Playboy Brazil 1990

Playboy Brazil

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Issue: January 1990

Playboy January 1990 Cover featured by Erica Moro

Playmate: Gianna Amore (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Erica Moro

Interview: Sebastião Lazaroni

Issue: February 1990

Playboy February 1990 Cover featured by Mara Maravilha

Playmate: Reneé Tenison (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Mara Maravilha (photography by José Antônio)

Interview: Abilio Diniz

Issue: March 1990

Playboy March 1990 Cover featured by Luma de Oliveira

Playmate: Pamela Anderson (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Cover: Luma de Oliveira

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Roberta Close

Issue: April 1990

Playboy April 1990 Cover featured by Cristiane Bifurco

Playmate: This Issue is without PMoM

Cover: Cristiane Bifurco (photography by Paulo Vainer)

Interview: Chitãozinho & Xororó
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'As Estrelas Country' (by Paulo Vainer)

Issue: May 1990

Playboy May 1990 Cover featured by Lucimar Viana

Playmate: Deborah Driggs (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Lucimar Viana (photography by Pedro Martinelli)

Interview: Tom Cruise (by Robert Scheer)

Issue: June 1990

Playboy June 1990 Cover featured by Sônia Campos

Playmate: Vanusa Spindler

Cover: Sônia Campos (photography by Bob Wolfenson)

Interview: Ricardo Semler

Issue: July 1990

Playboy July 1990 Cover featured by Rosana Rodigues

Playmate: Lisa Matthews (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Rosana Rodigues

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sarajane de Mendonça Stride

Issue: August 1990

Playboy August 1990 Cover featured by Patrícia Melo

Playmate: Unknown

Cover: Patrícia Melo (photography by Bob Wolfenson)

Interview: Ayrton Senna

Issue: September 1990

Playboy September 1990 Cover featured by Mônica Fraga

Playmate: Bonnie Marino (photography by Richard Fegley, Kim Mizuno (CF photo))

Cover: Mônica Fraga (photography by Bob Wolfenson)

Interview: Lúcia Veríssimo
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Rhonda Ridley-Scott (by Richard Fegley)

Issue: October 1990

Playboy October 1990 Cover featured by Andréia Fetter

Playmate: Tina Bockrath (photography by Arny Freytag, Pompeo Posar (CF photo))

Cover: Andréia Fetter

Interview: João Santana (by Paulo Markun)

Issue: November 1990

Playboy November 1990 Cover featured by Doris Giesse

Playmate: Jacqueline Sheen (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Doris Giesse

Interview: André Ranschburg
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sharon Stone

Issue: December 1990

Playboy December 1990 Cover featured by Tânia Corrêa

Playmate: Morgan Fox (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Tânia Corrêa

Interview: Oscar Niemeyer

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