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Playboy Spain

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Issue: December 2010 - February 2011

Playboy December 2010 - February 2011 Cover featured by Karine Flores

Playmate: Juliana Goes (photography by Valério Trabanco)

Cover: Karine Flores (photography by Sérgio Kovacevick)

Interview: 1. Olivia Wilde / 2. Robert Downey Jr. (by 1. Eric Spitznagel / 2. Michael Fleming)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Especial Brasileñas: Flavia Monti, Juliana Araujo, Melize Luzardo, Ana Lúcia Fernandes, Karine Flores, Larissa Saloio, Viviane Bordin, Kelly Amorim

Issue: March-May 2011

Playboy March-May 2011 Cover featured by Yohania Gómez

Playmate: Yohania Gómez (photography by Nin Studio)

Cover: Yohania Gómez (photography by Nin Studio)

Interview: Frank Gehry (by David Sheff)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Francesca Lukasik (by Pietro Lucerni); Shera Bechard (by Stephen Wayda); Chloë Sevigny (by Todd Cole); Insert Coin: Irina Voronina, Sasckya Porto (by Jared Ryder); 'The Big Bunny'; 'Aquellos Maravillosos'

Issue: June 2011

Playboy June 2011 Cover featured by Crystal Harris

Playmate: Crystal Harris

Cover: Crystal Harris

Interview: Hugh Hefner

Issue: July-September 2011

Playboy July-September 2011 Cover featured by Sonia Baby

Playmate: Sonia Baby (photography by Nin Estudio)

Cover: Sonia Baby (photography by Nin Estudio)

Interview: 1. Justin Timberlake / 2. Oriol Rovira / 3. Josep Roca / 4. Jason Sudeikis / 5. James Franco / 6. Louis C.K. (by 1. David Hochman / 2-3. Anna Tomàs / 4. Eric Spitznagel / 5. David Sheff / 6. Jason Buhrmester)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elizabeth Jagger (by Sasha Eisenman); Raquel Welch (by Chris von Wangenheim); Irina Bondarenko (by Yuriy Balan); 'Naked Beauty' (by Sylvie Blum); Olga Savinskaya (by Alexander Morderer); Crystal Harris (by Stephen Wayda); Beyoncé Knowles

Issue: October 2011

Playboy October 2011 Cover featured by Evelina Manna

Playmate: April Summers (photography by Davide Esposito)

Cover: Evelina Manna (photography by Tony Kelly)

Interview: 1. Steve Buscemi / 2. Steve Jobs (from Playboy Archive) (by 1. Kevin Cook / 2. David Sheff)
20Q: Gordon Ramsay (by David Hochman)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Eugenia Diordiychuk (by Alexander Morderer); Daisy Lowe (by Tony Kelly); Sabine-Marie Schmidt (by Manuel Uebler); The Original Playboy Club Bunnies: Karen Christy, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck, Pamela Gordon, China Lee, Claudia Jennings, Connie Mason, Avis Kimble, Brandy Johnston, Jennifer Jackson, Joyce Nizzari, Elke Hellman, Kai Brendlinger, Carol Imhof (by Pompeo Posar, Mario Casilli, Sam Wu, Ken Honey, Jon Pownall, Bunny Yeager, Dwight Hooker)

Issue: November-December 2011

Playboy November-December 2011 Cover featured by Elizabeth Laini

Playmate: Doris Kemptner (photography by Thomas Fiedler)

Cover: Elizabeth Laini (photography by Pál Nánási)

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