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Playboy Mexico

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Issue: January 2018

Playboy January 2018 Cover featured by Reva

Playmate: Amy Lee Summers (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique, Román Gómez)

Cover: Reva (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Interview: Carlos Ballarta (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Iván Terrazas (by Adán Medellín)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Olga De Mar (by Ana Dias); Sexy Shots 2017: Marlen Martínez Leal, Ana Lia Pulido Aguilar, Anne Sex Teen, Miriam Arrieta, Liz del Castillo (by Daniel Hernández Ramírez, Diana Mónica Enriquez, David Pérez, Miguel Angel Ramírez Arias, Ángel Granados); Julie Clarke (by Arny Freytag); Debby Gommeren (by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Issue: February 2018

Playboy February 2018 Cover featured by Rabbit head </b>(art by Gilda Garza)<b>

Playmate: Karolina Vaivada (Kara Lina) (photography by Román Gómez)

Cover: Rabbit head (art by Gilda Garza)

Interview: Avelina Lésper (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Gilda Garza (by Playboy Mexico)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Reva (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Musas inspirando: Tiffany Crystal, Erin Johnson, Courtney Oliver, Antje Utgaard, Tiffany Keller, Cherish Waters, Brina Chantal Moreno (by Gilda Garza); 'The Erotic World of Salvador Dalí' (by Salvador Dalí, Pompeo Posar); Ashleigh Rae; Amanda Cerny; Instawars: Jenna Shea, Nicole Thorne, Judit Benavente

Issue: March 2018

Playboy March 2018 Cover featured by Viviana Castrillón

Playmate: Shelby Lee Randall (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Viviana Castrillón (photography by Alex Córdova)

Interview: Audri Nix (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Jessica Audiffred (by Arturo J. Flores)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Karolina Ramírez López (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Olga Kobzar (by Ana Dias)

Issue: April 2018

Playboy April 2018 Cover featured by Karolina Ramírez López

Playmate: Karolina Ramírez López (photography by Alex Córdova)

Cover: Karolina Ramírez López (photography by Alex Córdova)

Interview: Fritz Thompson (by NRA, Brigitte Robreño)
20Q: Sofía Sisniega (by Adán Medellín)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lilian Leite (by Emanuele Jeane Appendino); Darina Nikitina (by Patrick Odermatt); Amanda Cerny

Issue: May 2018

Playboy May 2018 Cover featured by Paola Cañas

Playmate: Lilian Leite (photography by Emanuele Jeane Appendino)

Cover: Paola Cañas (photography by Fabito)

Interview: Richard Melville Hall (Moby) (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Viktorija Moskaļova (Viktoria Modesta) (by Milagro Urquieta)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Lindsey Pelas (by James Thompson); Kali James (by Román Gómez); Karolina Ramírez López (by Alex Córdova); Amanda Cerny; Instawars: Victoria Odintsova, Annabelle Hayes, Leanna Decker

Issue: June 2018

Playboy June 2018 Cover featured by Amberleigh West, Justina Pons, Pau Alonzo, Santiago Perez Grovas

Playmate: Debby Gommeren (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Amberleigh West, Justina Pons, Pau Alonzo, Santiago Perez Grovas (photography by Santiago Perez Grovas)

Interview: Javier Aguirre (by José Manuel Pineda)
20Q: Raúl Jiménez (by Jafet Gallardo)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Cherie Noel (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Liliana Ramírez (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Instawars: Sveta Bilyalova, Natalie Halcro, Annabelle Hayes

Issue: July 2018

Playboy July 2018 Cover featured by Gabi Wolscham

Playmate: Divina Casas (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Gabi Wolscham (photography by Jorge Harika)

Interview: Jessica Parrilla Bernal (by Alfredo Padilla)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kit Rysha (by Ana Dias); Apolonia Lapiedra (by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Issue: August 2018

Playboy August 2018 Cover featured by Valentina Fradegrada

Playmate: Rania Gamal (Rania Pugholm) (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Valentina Fradegrada (photography by Alex Córdova)

Interview: Gustavo Adolfo Infante (by Brigitte Robreño & NRA)
20Q: Tony Dalton (by Elizabeth Santana)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Karen Ortiz (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Inés Trocchia (by Ana Dias); Amanda Cerny; Instawars: Ella, Paula Manzanal, Candice Swanepoel

Issue: September 2018

Playboy September 2018 Cover featured by Apolonia Lapiedra

Playmate: Andrea Prince (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Apolonia Lapiedra (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Interview: Sasha Grey (by Adán Medellín)
20Q: Mauricio Castillo (by Arturo J. Flores)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Daniela Cárdenas (by Mateo Marīn); Ashleigh Rae (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Amanda Cerny; Instawars: Danie Sommers, Jessica Weaver, Candy

Issue: October 2018

Playboy October 2018 Cover featured by Mally Restrepo, Laura Restrepo

Playmate: Sofía Beltrán (photography by Alex Córdova)

Cover: Mally Restrepo, Laura Restrepo (photography by Fabito Gómez)

Interview: Ludwika Paleta (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Carlos E. Lang (Care) (by Elizabeth Santana)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Kelsie Jean Smeby (by Milian Eyes); Dorika (by Miguel Ángel Manrique); Instawars: Bethany Giura, Daria Shy, Danie Sommers

Issue: November 2018

Playboy November 2018 Cover featured by Rachel Cook

Playmate: Peyton Ryan (photography by Robert Voltaire)

Cover: Rachel Cook (photography by Robert Voltaire)

Interview: Luis Gerardo Méndez (by Arturo J. Flores)
20Q: Kate del Castillo (by Elizabeth Santana)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Marisa Papen (by Ana Dias); Kelsie Jean Smeby (by Robert Voltaire); Gigi Saul Guerrero (by Marc Boily); Instawars: Anna Vyacheslavovna, SexyNatG, Daria Shy

Issue: December 2018

Playboy December 2018 Cover featured by Jaylene Cook

Playmate: Daniela Cárdenas (photography by Mateo Marīn)

Cover: Jaylene Cook (photography by Josh Shaw)

Interview: Francisco Palencia (by José Manuel Pineda)
20Q: Mica Rousseau (by Elizabeth Santana)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Andrea Kuoni (by Miguel Ángel Manrique, Román Gómez); Paulina Mikołajczak (by Ana Dias); Instawars: Danie Sommers, Mayra Adarme, Anna Vyacheslavovna

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