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Issue: January 1979

Playboy January 1979 Cover

Playmate: Janet Quist (photography by Ken Marcus)

Cover: Unknown

Interview: John Travolta (by Judson Klinger)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: NFL Cheerleaders: Linda Kellum, Charyl Russel, Deborah Kepley, Janice Garner, Meg Rossi, Anne Martin, Diahann 'Dee' Miller, Lynda Hatfield, Lynita Shilling, Jill Zaleski, LouAnn Ridenoure, Ita, Claudia Mendron, Bunny Hover, An Leuba, Kim Santy, Andrea Mann, Jacquelyn Rohrs, Julie Jourdan, Tina Guide, Stephanie Grooms, Elizabeth Caleca, Dawn Stansell (by Arny Freytag, David Chan, Nicholas DeSciose, Richard Fegley, Bill Frantz, Michael Going, Marvin E. Newman, Pompeo Posar); Sandy Cagle (by Pompeo Posar); 'Brief Encounters Lingerie' (by Richard Fegley)

Issue: February 1979

Playboy February 1979 Cover featured by Ashley Cox, Debra Jensen, Janis Schmitt, Christina Smith, Pamela Bryant, Kathryn Morrison, Gail Stanton, Karen Morton, Vicki Witt, Rosanne Katon, Marcy Hanson, Monique St. Pierre & Rabbit

Playmate: Candy Loving (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Cover: Ashley Cox, Debra Jensen, Janis Schmitt, Christina Smith, Pamela Bryant, Kathryn Morrison, Gail Stanton, Karen Morton, Vicki Witt, Rosanne Katon, Marcy Hanson, Monique St. Pierre & Rabbit

Interview: Yoshiaki Tsutsumi
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Momoe Yamaguchi; '25 Beautiful Years of Playboy'; 'The Illustrated History of Playboy'

Issue: March 1979

Playboy March 1979 Cover featured by Vicki Witt

Playmate: Lee Ann Michelle (photography by Mario Casilli)

Cover: Vicki Witt

Interview: Isao Aoki
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Farrah Fawcett (by Claude Mougin, Chris Callis); 'How to Yoga' (by John Russel); The Great Playmate Hunt: Debra Selkirk, Dorothy Stratten, Sylvie Garant, Deanna Tyndall, Nancy Tyndall, Zita Cullum, Liz Glazowski, KC Winkler, Candy Loving, Michele Drake, Debbie Boostrom, Denise McConnell, Lisa Kalison, Missy Cleveland, Janis Schmitt, Nicki Thomas, Debra Peterson, Debra Jo Fondren, Ruth Guerri, Wanda Clineman, Louann Fernald

Issue: April 1979

Playboy April 1979 Cover featured by Pamela Bryant

Playmate: Denise McConnell (photography by Nicholas DeSciose, Pompeo Posar)

Cover: Pamela Bryant

Interview: Torao Tokuda

Issue: May 1979

Playboy May 1979 Cover featured by Rita Lee

Playmate: Missy Cleveland (photography by Mario Casilli)

Cover: Rita Lee (photography by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Marlon Brando (by Lawrence Grobel)

Issue: June 1979

Playboy June 1979 Cover featured by Cheryle Larsen

Playmate: Michele Drake (photography by Phillip Dixon, Pompeo Posar, Kerry Morris, Bill Figge & Mel Figge (CF photo))

Cover: Cheryle Larsen (photography by Tom Staebler)

Interview: Tsuneo Hasegawa
Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Girls of Las Vegas: Angelique Pettyjohn, Susan Smith, Tammy Feuer, Christine DeSimone, Ella Lynn Kallish, Norma Jean Fregeau, Brandy Ray, Brigitte Corvaisier, Rhoda Barton, Darlene Madison, Sallie Lancaster, Lea Renalt, Eva Maria Courtoi, Carol Nicholson (by Robert Scott Hooper, Patty Beaudet, Baron Wolman); 'Victorian Picnic' (by Jeff Dunas); 'L.A. Woman'

Issue: July 1979

Playboy July 1979 Cover

Playmate: Louann Fernald (photography by Dwight Hooker)

Cover: Unknown

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmate of the Year 1979 Monique St. Pierre (by Richard Fegley); 'Dance Hall Demoiselles' (by James Wedge); Playboy Japan's Playmates of the Year 1960-1978

Issue: August 1979

Playboy August 1979 Cover featured by Denise Gauthier

Playmate: Dorothy Mays (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Denise Gauthier (photography by Tom Staebler)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Sex in Summer' (by Robert Scott Hooper); Patti McGuire (by Pompeo Posar); Naked Bond Girls

Issue: September 1979

Playboy September 1979 Cover featured by Candy Loving

Playmate: Dorothy Stratten (photography by Mario Casilli)

Cover: Candy Loving (photography by Arny Freytag)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Girl in the Ocean' (by Richard Fegley, Jim Hudnall); Beautiful Sex Stars

Issue: October 1979

Playboy October 1979 Cover featured by Women of the Ivy League, Vicki McCarty

Playmate: Vicki McCarty (photography by Arny Freytag, Mario Casilli)

Cover: Women of the Ivy League, Vicki McCarty (photography by Tom Staebler, Arny Freytag)

Interview: Edward Teller (by Gila Berkowitz)

Issue: November 1979

Playboy November 1979 Cover featured by The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Playmate: Ursula Buchfellner (photography by Peter Weissbrich)

Cover: The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Interview: Isao Nakauchi

Issue: December 1979

Playboy December 1979 Cover featured by Chieko Matsumoto

Playmate: Sylvie Garant (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Chieko Matsumoto

Interview: William Masters, Virginia Johnson (by James R. Petersen)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playboy 1979's Best Playmate Contestants: Janet Quist, Candy Loving, Lee Ann Michelle, Denise McConnell, Missy Cleveland, Michele Drake, Louann Fernald, Dorothy Mays, Dorothy Stratten, Vicki McCarty, Ursula Buchfellner, Sylvie Garant (by Ken Marcus, Dwight Hooker, Mario Casilli, Nicholas DeSciose, Pompeo Posar, Phillip Dixon, Kerry Morris, Richard Fegley, Arny Freytag, Peter Weissbrich)

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