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Playboy Hungary

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Issue: January-February 2017

Playboy January-February 2017 Cover featured by Chiara Arrighi

Playmate: Kayslee Collins (photography by Josh Ryan)

Cover: Chiara Arrighi (photography by Davide Esposito)

Interview: Tibor Kasza
20Q: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (by Scott Porch)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Eirini Kebeze

Issue: March 2017

Playboy March 2017 Cover featured by Kinga Szabó

Playmate: Ramona Bernhard

Cover: Kinga Szabó

Interview: Ervin Nagy
20Q: Oliver Stone
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Noelle Mondoloni

Issue: April 2017

Playboy April 2017 Cover featured by Kate Rodríguez

Playmate: Natalie D'Leon (photography by Igal Amer)

Cover: Kate Rodríguez (photography by Angie Monasterio)

Interview: Dávid Klein
20Q: Gergő Rácz

Issue: May 2017

Playboy May 2017 Cover featured by Cláudia Colucci (Cacau)

Playmate: Sina Bachor (photography by Thomas Fiedler)

Cover: Cláudia Colucci (Cacau)

Interview: Péter Rudolf
20Q: TheVR
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Biliana Evgenieva

Issue: June 2017

Playboy June 2017 Cover featured by Lola Melnick

Playmate: Taiana Camargo (photography by Autumn Sonnichsen)

Cover: Lola Melnick (photography by Gérard Giaume)

Interview: Matthew McConaughey (by Stephen Rebello)
20Q: Ramóna Kiss
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sandra Majka (by Dash)

Issue: July-August 2017

Playboy July-August 2017 Cover featured by Dana Taylor

Playmate: Dana Taylor (photography by Derek Kettela)

Cover: Dana Taylor (photography by Derek Kettela)

Interview: Gábor Csupó

Issue: September 2017

Playboy September 2017 Cover featured by Katia Mélina

Playmate: Abby Parece (photography by Miguel Ángel Manrique)

Cover: Katia Mélina

Interview: András Lovasi
20Q: Cooper Hefner (by Florian Boitin)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Ksenia Pilulka (by Larry Johnson)

Issue: October 2017

Playboy October 2017 Cover featured by Lada Kravchenko

Playmate: Lada Kravchenko (photography by Kyle Deleu)

Cover: Lada Kravchenko (photography by Kyle Deleu)

Interview: Imre Csuja
20Q: Péter Dancsó
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Daria Savishkina (by Christopher von Steinbach)

Issue: November 2017

Playboy November 2017 Cover featured by Hugh Hefner

Playmate: Sarah Louise Harris

Cover: Hugh Hefner

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Carmella Rose (by Jennifer Stenglein); Eva-Maria Kromer (by Florian Lohmann)

Issue: December 2017

Playboy December 2017 Cover featured by Brigitta Budai

Playmate: Brigitta Budai (photography by Richárd Vojcehovszkij)

Cover: Brigitta Budai (photography by Richárd Vojcehovszkij)

Interview: Balázs Csapody
20Q: Zoltán Bessenyey

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