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Playboy Hungary 2006

Playboy Hungary

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Issue: January 2006

Playboy January 2006 Cover featured by Tímea Rába

Playmate: Raquel Gibson (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Cover: Tímea Rába (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: Sándor Fábry

Issue: February 2006

Playboy February 2006 Cover featured by Regina Dukai

Playmate: Linda Lia Kustánczi (photography by Miklós Bemer)

Cover: Regina Dukai

Interview: Pierce Brosnan (by Stephen Rebello)
20Q: Kata Dobó

Issue: March 2006

Playboy March 2006 Cover featured by Anikó Molnár

Playmate: Anikó Molnár (photography by Pál Nánási)

Cover: Anikó Molnár (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: András Hajós

Issue: April 2006

Playboy April 2006 Cover featured by Gabriella Szklenar (Baby Gabi)

Playmate: Amanda Paige (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Gabriella Szklenar (Baby Gabi) (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: Keanu Reeves (by Michael Fleming)
20Q: Péter Besenyei

Issue: May 2006

Playboy May 2006 Cover featured by Réka Rubint

Playmate: Cassandra Lynn (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Réka Rubint (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: Péter Doszpot

Issue: June 2006

Playboy June 2006 Cover featured by Andrea Csányi, Erika Csányi

Playmate: Monica Leigh (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Andrea Csányi, Erika Csányi

Interview: Imre Kertész

Issue: July 2006

Playboy July 2006 Cover featured by Hajnalka Hornyák (Dundika)

Playmate: Alison Waite (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Cover: Hajnalka Hornyák (Dundika)

Interview: Lajos Détári

Issue: August 2006

Playboy August 2006 Cover featured by Viktória Molnár

Playmate: Viktória Molnár

Cover: Viktória Molnár

Interview: Norbi

Issue: September 2006

Playboy September 2006 Cover featured by Mónika Bezzegh, Dóra Halmai

Playmate: Holley Ann Dorrough (photography by Arny Freytag, Jarmo Pohjaniemi)

Cover: Mónika Bezzegh, Dóra Halmai (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: Zsolt Várady

Issue: October 2006

Playboy October 2006 Cover featured by Viktória Lenkei

Playmate: This Issue is without PMoM

Cover: Viktória Lenkei (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: András Kern

Issue: November 2006

Playboy November 2006 Cover featured by Virág Voksán

Playmate: Virág Voksán (photography by Pál Nánási)

Cover: Virág Voksán (photography by Pál Nánási)

Interview: Zsolt Erdélyi

Issue: December 2006

Playboy December 2006 Cover featured by Zsuzsanna Márki

Playmate: Zsuzsanna Márki

Cover: Zsuzsanna Márki

Interview: Gábor Presser
20Q: Johnny Knoxville (by Jason Buhrmester)

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