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Playboy Hungary 2004

Playboy Hungary

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Issue: January 2004

Playboy January 2004 Cover featured by Shannen Doherty

Playmate: Zsuzsa Béres (photography by István Marácz)

Cover: Shannen Doherty (photography by Michel Comte)

Interview: Jack Nicholson

Issue: February 2004

Playboy February 2004 Cover featured by Petra Haumann

Playmate: Divini Rae (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Petra Haumann (photography by Zoltán Miklóska)

Interview: John Cusack (by David Sheff)

Issue: March 2004

Playboy March 2004 Cover featured by Virág Fésűs

Playmate: Virág Fésűs

Cover: Virág Fésűs

Interview: Zsolt Erdei

Issue: April 2004

Playboy April 2004 Cover featured by Ilka Sipos

Playmate: Ilka Sipos

Cover: Ilka Sipos

Interview: Kiefer Sutherland (by Lawrence Grobel)

Issue: May 2004

Playboy May 2004 Cover featured by Anikó Molnár

Playmate: Sandra Hubby (photography by Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Anikó Molnár (photography by Titusz Pándi)

Issue: June 2004

Playboy June 2004 Cover featured by Edina Pantinchin, Sylvia Bódi

Playmate: Edina Pantinchin (photography by Pál Nánási)

Playmate: Sylvia Bódi

Cover: Edina Pantinchin, Sylvia Bódi (photography by Pál Nánási)

Issue: July 2004

Playboy July 2004 Cover featured by Boglárka Csösz

Playmate: Krista Kelly (photography by Stephen Wayda, Arny Freytag)

Cover: Boglárka Csösz

20Q: Pierrot

Issue: August 2004

Playboy August 2004 Cover featured by Júlia Németh

Playmate: Júlia Németh

Cover: Júlia Németh

Interview: Iván Kamarás

Issue: September 2004

Playboy September 2004 Cover featured by Zita Görög

Playmate: This Issue is without PMoM

Cover: Zita Görög

Issue: October 2004

Playboy October 2004 Cover featured by Szílvia Szalontai

Playmate: Pilar Lastra (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Szílvia Szalontai (photography by Zoltán Pitrolffy)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Eva Herzigova; Bea Hargitai & Sylvia Bódi

Issue: November 2004

Playboy November 2004 Cover featured by Zsuzsanna Ripli

Playmate: Zsuzsanna Ripli (photography by Pál Nánási)

Cover: Zsuzsanna Ripli (photography by Pál Nánási)

Issue: December 2004

Playboy December 2004 Cover featured by Mónika Butor

Playmate: Mónika Butor (photography by Attila Maklári-Tót)

Cover: Mónika Butor (photography by Attila Maklári-Tót)

Interview: Imre Csernus
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Brooke Burke (by Stephen Wayda); Girls of the ACC: Evelyn Gery, Madison Maynes, Jasmine Lee, Vanessa King, Jolie McKenzie, Cameron Haven, Ariel Iverson, Sabrina Genin, Melissa Favorito, Erin Long, Leah Dietrich, Jacqui Detwiler, Krista Jackson, Jewis, Devon Nickel, Jessica Burke, Shannon, Erika, Ronnie Danielle, Corissa Eaton, Jenna Fitzgerald, Briana Timmons, Emily Hammer (by George Georgiou, Kim Mizuno, David Rams); Michelle Wild

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