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Playboy Hungary 1990

Playboy Hungary

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Issue: January 1990

Playboy January 1990 Cover featured by Karin van Breeschooten, Mirjam van Breeschooten

Playmate: Mirjam van Breeschooten (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Playmate: Karin van Breeschooten (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Karin van Breeschooten, Mirjam van Breeschooten

Interview: Keith Richards (by Stanley Booth)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Natalya Negoda (by Arny Freytag)

Issue: February 1990

Playboy February 1990 Cover featured by Eloise Broady

Playmate: Erika Eleniak (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Eloise Broady

Interview: Tom Cruise (by Robert Scheer)

Issue: March 1990

Playboy March 1990 Cover featured by Ava Fabian

Playmate: Reneé Tenison (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Ava Fabian

Interview: Péter Zwack
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Karen Mayo-Chandler (by Stephen Wayda)

Issue: April 1990

Playboy April 1990 Cover featured by Joan Severance

Playmate: Deborah Driggs (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Joan Severance (photography by Mark Abrahams)

Interview: Eddie Murphy (by David Rensin)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 'Playboy Around the World'; Joan Severance (by Mark Abrahams)

Issue: May 1990

Playboy May 1990 Cover featured by Margaux Hemingway

Playmate: Lisa Matthews (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Margaux Hemingway (photography by Arny Freytag)

Interview: Donald Trump (by Glenn Plaskin)

Issue: June 1990

Playboy June 1990 Cover featured by Deborah Driggs

Playmate: Devin Reneé de Vasquez (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Deborah Driggs (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Stephen Hawking (by Morgan Strong)
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Angela Cavagna (by Mimmo Cattarinich)

Issue: July 1990

Playboy July 1990 Cover featured by Sharon Stone

Playmate: Eloise Broady (photography by Stephen Wayda, Richard Fegley)

Cover: Sharon Stone (photography by Phillip Dixon)

Interview: Zoltán Kocsis
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Janet Hightower (by David Mecey)

Issue: August 1990

Playboy August 1990 Cover featured by Karen Velez

Playmate: Bonnie Marino (photography by Richard Fegley, Kim Mizuno (CF photo))

Cover: Karen Velez (photography by Richard Fegley)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sharry Konopski

Issue: September 1990

Playboy September 1990 Cover featured by Denise Matthews (Vanity)

Playmate: Jacqueline Sheen (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Cover: Denise Matthews (Vanity) (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Interview: Ferenc Török
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Girls of Canada (by David Chan)

Issue: October 1990

Playboy October 1990 Cover featured by Roxanne Pulitzer

Playmate: Brittany York (photography by Arny Freytag)

Cover: Roxanne Pulitzer (photography by Richard Fegley)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Rhonda Ridley-Scott (by Richard Fegley)

Issue: November 1990

Playboy November 1990 Cover featured by Brandi Brandt

Playmate: Melissa Evridge (photography by Richard Fegley)

Cover: Brandi Brandt (photography by Stephen Wayda)

Pictorials & Separate Photos: Women of Wall Street (by David Mecey, James Schnepf)

Issue: December 1990

Playboy December 1990 Cover featured by Reneé Tenison

Playmate: Kata Kârkkâinen (photography by Stephen Wayda, Byron Newman)

Cover: Reneé Tenison (photography by Francis Giacobetti)

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