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Playboy Playmate's Portrait and Data Sheet

Playboy Playmate June Cochran

Name: June Cochran
Birthday: February 20, 1942
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Height: 157 cm (5' 2")
Weight: 46 kg (102 lbs)
Bust: 91.5 cm (36")
Waist: 51 cm (20")
Hips: 86 cm (34")

Playboy's Playmate of the Month Titles

Playboy USA December 1962 featured by June Cochran, Sheralee Conners

Playboy USA December 1962
Playmate: June Cochran (photography by Don Bronstein)

Pictorials & Separate Photos featured by June Cochran

Playboy USA January 1963 featured by June Cochran, Merle Pertile, Avis Kimble, Laura Young, Kari Knudsen, Merissa Mathes

Playboy USA January 1963
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elizabeth Taylor (by Roddy McDowall, Howall Conant, Robert Penn); Playboy's Playmate Review 1962: Laura Young, Pamela Gordon, Kari Knudsen, Avis Kimble, Merissa Mathes, Jan Roberts, Marya Carter, Mickey Winters, Unne Terjesen, Merle Pertile, June Cochran, Roberta Lane (by Pompeo Posar, Frank Eck, Mario Casilli, Barbara Kerr, Justin Kerr, Glenn Otto, Jon Pownall, Paul Morton Smith, Don Bronstein, Frank Bez)

Playboy USA March 1963 featured by June Cochran, Cynthia Maddox

Playboy USA March 1963
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmate of the Year 1963 Contest's Finalists: Avis Kimble, Laura Young, June Cochran (by Jon Pownall, Pompeo Posar, Don Bronstein)

Playboy USA May 1963 featured by June Cochran, The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Playboy USA May 1963
Pictorials & Separate Photos: June Cochran (by Pompeo Posar); 'The Femlin' (by Mario Casilli, Playboy Studios)

Playboy USA July 1963 featured by June Cochran, Judy Newton

Playboy USA July 1963
Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Bunnies & Playmate-Bunnies: Lynn Karrol, Virginia Hirschfeld, Ashlyn Martin, Kiko Morgan, Terry Jennings, Terri Kimball, Gloria Price, Judy Lewis, Elka Hellmann, Virginia Habel, Bev Grissom, Sheila Winters, Sheralee Conners, Peggy Vidas, Sophia Sipes, Sharon Rogers, Jan Roberts, Kitty Kavany, Bea Payton, Kelly Collins, Bonnie Jo Halpin, Nancy Dusina, Rock, Sandy Kaye, Terri Tucker, Sandy Lawrence, Wanda Owens, Carrie Radison, June Cochran, Pamela Gordon, Joyce Nizzari, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck (by Pompeo Posar, Don Bronstein, Mario Casilli, Jerry Yulsman, Bunny Yeager, Stan Malinowski, Frank Eck, Robert Simmons, Eboy Hawerlander)

Playboy USA August 1964 featured by June Cochran, Barbara Reeves

Playboy USA August 1964
Pictorials & Separate Photos: The Bunnies of Chicago: Kai Brendlinger, Cheryl Vincent, Terri Kimball, Wanda Owens, Kelly Collins, Bonnie Jo Halpin, Elke Hellman, Mary Warren, Lannie Balcom, Joey Thorpe, Frankie Jones, Sheila Winters, Teddi Smith, Jeannie Bogan, June Cochran, Patti Reynolds, Candy Robins, Linda Castorina, Connie Mason, Janis Jackson, Jennifer Jackson, Brandy, Sharon Rogers, Avis Kimble, China Lee, Carol Gertis, Marika Lukacs (by Pompeo Posar, Stan Malinowski, Larry Dale Gordon, J. Barry O'Rourke, John Pownall, Maynard Wolfe, Don Bronstein, Jerry Yulsman); Playmates Revisited 1960: Joni Mattis, Stella Stevens, Susie Scott (1st), Sally Sarell, Linda Gamble, Ginger Young, Delores Wells, Teddi Smith, Elaine Paul, Elaine Paul, Kathy Douglas, Carol Eden (by Jerry White, Louis Capuccine, Don Bronstein, Frank Bez, Mario Casilli, Frank Eck, William Graham, Frank Schallwig)

Playboy USA October 1964 featured by June Cochran, Judy Newton

Playboy USA October 1964
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmates Revisited 1962: Merissa Mathes, Jan Roberts, Michey Winters, Kari Knudsen, Laura Young, Unne Terjesen, June Cochran, Pamela Gordon, Merle Pertile, Avis Kimble, Marya Carter, Roberta Lane (by Glenn Otto, Pompeo Posar, Barbara Kerr, Justin Kerr, Ken Honey, Mario Casilli, Frank Bez, Jon Pownall, Paul Morton Smith, Frank Eck); 'Caught in the Act' (by Jerry Yulsman); Donna Michelle (by Pompeo Posar)

Playboy USA December 1964 featured by June Cochran, The Femlin by LeRoy Neiman

Playboy USA December 1964
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Carroll Baker (by Frank Bez); Readers' Choice (10 Favorite Playmates from Playboy's First 10 Years): Laura Young, Connie Mason, Janet Pilgrim, Christa Speck, Joyce Nizzari, Lisa Winters, Heidi Becker, Donna Michelle, June Cochran, Toni Ann Thomas (by Pompeo Posar, Mario Casilli, Bunny Yeager, Arthur James, Mike Shea, Edmund Leja)

Playboy USA June 1971 featured by June Cochran, Sharon Clark

Playboy USA June 1971
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Premier Playmates Revisited: Ellen Stratton, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck, June Cochran, Donna Michelle, Allison Parks, Lisa Baker, Jo Collins, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Connie Kreski, Claudia Jennings; 'Nude Theater' (by Max Waldman)

Playboy USA June 1979 featured by June Cochran, Monique St. Pierre

Playboy USA June 1979
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Playmates of the Year - Past Winners Take Another Bow: Ellen Stratton, June Cochran, Linda Gamble, Christa Speck, Donna Michelle, Jo Collens, Allison Parks, Victoria Vetri, Lisa Baker, Connie Kreski, Sharon Clark, Liv Lindeland, Claudia Jennings, Marilyn, Cyndi Wood, Marilyn Lange, Lillian Müller, Patti McGuire, Debra Jo Fondren

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