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Playmate Gwen Wong in International Playboy Magazines

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Playboy Playmate's Portrait and Data Sheet

Playboy Playmate Gwen Wong

Name: Gwen Wong
Birthday: August 12, 1942
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Height: 152 cm (5' 0")
Weight: 45 kg (100 lbs)
Bust: 89 cm (35")
Waist: 58.5 cm (23")
Hips: 86 cm (34")

Playboy's Playmate of the Month Titles

Playboy USA April 1967 featured by Gwen Wong, Cheryl Shrode

Playboy USA April 1967
Playmate: Gwen Wong (photography by Mario Casilli (CF & colour photos), Gene Trindl (B&W photos))

Covers featured by Gwen Wong

Playboy USA January 1968 featured by De De Lind, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Kim Farber, Gwen Wong

Playboy USA January 1968
Cover: De De Lind, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Kim Farber, Gwen Wong (photography by Curt Gunther, Mario Casilli, Stan Malinowski; collage photo by Pompeo Posar)

Pictorials & Separate Photos featured by Gwen Wong

Playboy Poland January 2004 featured by Gwen Wong, Klaudia Carlos

Playboy Poland January 2004
Pictorials & Separate Photos: 50 Years of Playboy: Gwen Wong, Melodye Prentiss, Christa Speck, Ashley Cox, Gina Goldberg, Julianna Young, Terri Welles, Kymberly Herrin, Pamela Anderson, Kimberly Donley (by Mario Casilli, Pompeo Posar, Sam Wu, Arny Freytag, Stephen Wayda, Richard Fegley)

Playboy Russia October 2008 featured by Gwen Wong, Svetlana Khodchenkova

Playboy Russia October 2008
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Victoria Lopyreva (by Petr Tishkov/LePier Studio); Klaudia El Dursi (by Szymon Brodziak); Gwen Wong (by Mario Casilli); Scarlett Johansson; Girls in Leather: Svetlana Kluchnikova, Katerina Egorova, Victoria Tzarkova, Agnetta Oyevolle (by Kirill Nikitenko)

Playboy USA December 1967 featured by Gwen Wong, Lynn Winchell </b>(Artwork by Jim Barlow & Bob Post)<b>

Playboy USA December 1967
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elke Sommer (by Frank Bez); 'Bodies Politic' (by Eugenio Hirsch); The Bunnies of Hollywood: Linda Ridgway, Kathy Foster, Tanya Teran, Marilyn Kendall, De Russell, Judy Ryder, Suzanne McDonald, Heidi Becker, Pat Wright, Chere Davis, Sandy Molen, Marianna Case, Astrid Schulz, Melba Ogle, Sophia Sipes, Sam Moorman, Sharon Rogers, Lynda McDoniel, Vicky Valentino, Donna Haas, Ana Lizza, Christine Williams, Nancy Scott, Gwen Wong (by Mario Casilli, Larry Dale Gordon, David Chan, Carl Iri, Pompeo Posar)

Playboy USA January 1968 featured by Gwen Wong, De De Lind, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Kim Farber, Gwen Wong

Playboy USA January 1968
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Stella Stevens (by Orlando); Playboy's Playmate Review 1967: Lynn Winchell, Heather Ryan, Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri), Joey Gibson, Kim Farber, Kaya Christian, Surrey Marshe, Fran Gerard, Reagan Wilson, De De Lind, Gwen Wong, Anne Randall (by Edward DeLong, Bill Figge, Curt Gunther, Peter Gowland, Stan Malinowski, Alexas Urba, Mario Casilli, Ron Vogel); Melinda Windsor (by Tony Marco); 'The Vargas Girl - From the Thirties to the Present'

Playboy USA October 1973 featured by Gwen Wong, Sheila Ryan

Playboy USA October 1973
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Sacheen Littlefeather (by Michael Kornafel); Bunnies of 1973: Gwen Wong, Jillian Bergamo, Toby Ostreicher, Zee Tomkins, Park Lane, Bridge Ryan, Karin Sims, Coke White, Alyson Merkel, Jill deVier, Jan Seratt, Terri Striebel, Linda Sorensen, Sara Reynolds, Coni Hugee, Carol Vitale, Ruthy Ross, Bonita Lou Rossi, Nancy Turner, Carolyn Larkin, Cher Miller, Terri Johnson, Simone Pertuiset, Lorraine Turrell, Sue Huggy, Kacey Cobb

Playboy USA September 1995 featured by Gwen Wong, Kimberley Conrad

Playboy USA September 1995
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Jaid Barrymore (by Stephen Wayda); Cindy Crawford (by Herb Ritts); Gwen Wong (by Mario Casilli); Pamela Anderson

Playboy USA March-April 2018 featured by Gwen Wong, Jenny Watwood

Playboy USA March-April 2018
Pictorials & Separate Photos: Elyse Taylor (by Cameron Hammond); Sandra Kubicka (by Christopher von Steinbach); Jess Clarke, Roxanna June (by Ali Mitton); Gwen Wong (by Mario Casilli, Gene Trindl); Lorraine Michaels (by Arny Freytag); Shan Boodram (by Bryan Rodner Carr); Giuliana Farfalla (by Christopher von Steinbach)

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